Birck Nanotechnology Center

Dowon Kim

Postdoctoral Researcher Kim


Contact Information:

Phone: 765-237-2661



Microwave Circuits and Antennas / Korea Univ. / 2008


Primary collaborative faculty member/s:

Dimitrios Peroulis


Research Interests:

Microwave and millimeter wave antennas and circuits; Low-cost and high-gain phased array antenna system and applications, high power amplifier design (RFIC), compact microwave phase shifter, periodic structures for microwave applications.


Impact Statement & Explanation of Research:

Microwave antennas and circuits have been applied for lots of useful electronic equipments; mobile phone, car navigation, satellite antenna, remote control system, wireless sensor, etc. Specfically, since the phased array antenna system is able to steer the direction of a signal, it could send(or receive) a signal wherever you want. So, I have focused on transmitting or receiving more power in further distance with compact system. In addition, the power amplifier is a key component in most of the microwave systems because it has a function of increasing output power significantly. In microwave circuits, power means money. So, if we can obtain larger output power from smaller input power by using the power amplifier, we can save our money. Therefore, this is an another big issue of my research.


Current Projects:

  1. Phase-Array Antenna System for 2.4GHz communication
  2. Wireless Sensors for Studying the Impact Response of Granular Materials at Global and Meso Scales




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