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Appenzeller Group

Group News

Ashish Verma Penumatcha passed his PhD Final Examination. The title of his PhD thesis is "Towards Building a Prototype Spin-logic Device". Congratulations, Ashish! (August 2016).

Tingting Shen's article "Strain Engineering for Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Based Field Effect Transistors" won 2nd place in best paper awards in 2016 LEAST center annual review. Congratulations, Tingting! (August 2016). [read article]

Dr. Neil Dilley joined our spintronics team as research scientist. As a low temperature physicist with specialization in magnetism and superconductivity, Neil worked at Quantum Design for 16 years before joining Purdue. Welcome, Neil! (May 2016)

Ramon Salazar received a job offer at GlobalFoundries. Congratulations, Ramon! (April 2016)


(Top: right to left) Joerg Appenzeller, Sebastian Feste, Jamil Shehadeh, Saptarshi Das, Drew Candebat, Ali Razavieh, Ashish Verma, Josh Smith; (Bottom: right to left) Yuri Kubo, Caitlin Wildeson, Hong-Yan Chen, Yunfei Gao, Sahil Bansal, Ramon Salazar.