Birck Nanotechnology Center

Benefits of Membership


The Birck Nanotechnology Center (BNC) is housed in a state-of-the-art building in Discovery Park on the western portion of the WL campus. This building is one of the most advanced nanotechnology research facilities in the world, with specialized laboratories for nanoscale chemistry, physics, and biology as well as a 25,000 sq. ft. Class 1/10/100 semiconductor-grade cleanroom (the Scifres Nanofabrication Laboratory), a bio-pharma cleanroom, and office space for faculty, post-docs, and graduate students from various disciplines across campus.

The cleanroom and laboratories contain a diverse and extensive set of equipment that is shared among the facility users.  This equipment enables nanoscale lithography, etching, deposition, oxidation/diffusion, characterization, and support activities.  In addition, the BNC provides a professional staff to:

  • Provide equipment and process expertise, including applications information
  • Offer training and perform routine maintenance on equipment
  • Operate equipment as a service for other researchers

All facilities in the BNC are available to qualified users from Purdue and from other universities, government labs and companies. In addition, Resident and Affiliated faculty members of the BNC are eligible to make requests for:

  • Office space in the BNC building, which is allocated on an as needed, as available basis, with priority given to faculty members whose research groups use the Scifres Nanofabrication Laboratory extensively.
  • Desk space for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, undergraduate researchers and research scientists, which is allocated by the Center Coordinator with the approval of the BNC Director.
  • Laboratory space in the BNC building, which is shared and assigned by function rather than by faculty member.

Faculty Members

A "Resident Faculty Member" is a tenure-track or research-track professor who has either a primary (one-person) or secondary (shared) office in the BNC, equipment or a lab-space assignment in the BNC, or resident BNC graduate students under his/her supervision. A Resident Faculty Member must sign the Birck membership agreement.

An "Affiliated Faculty Member" is a tenure-track or research-track professor (from Purdue or from another institution) who either performs research in the Center (or whose group members work in the Center) or self identifies as an affiliate.


Current Resident Faculty Members | Current Affiliated Faculty Members

Apply for Membership

Please read the Responsibilities of Membership and Policies Governing Space and Equipment sections before applying for membership.

  1. Complete the web-based membership form here,
  2. Download and send: Form for Membership, pdf
  3. Download: Code of Conduct. pdf This is for your information and for any student conducting research in the facility.

Kirk Endowment Exploratory Research Recharge Grants

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