Birck Nanotechnology Center

Training at BNC

BNC Training Courses: Current Schedule


Gaining Access to Birck
Resources housed in the Birck Nanotechnology Center are open to a variety of users, including Purdue researchers, academic collaborators, and industrial scientists.  Required training at BNC depends on each individual’s access and research needs.  Please review the “Summary of BNC Training Courses" to determine which courses you will require.

Equipment Training Summary
Each instrument at Birck has specific training requirements.  These requirements are dictated by the complexity of the tool.  Equipment training ranges from a 30 minute orientation with a member of the BNC Staff to a 6 week short course.

Available training sessions for most BNC supported equipment can be found here.

Further information as well as staff contact information for specific tools is listed on the individual equipment pages

Online Prerequisites:
Several training courses at Birck require users to complete an online course and quiz before attending the face-to-face training session with the Staff.  These courses are housed on Purdue University’s “Blackboard Vista 4” System.  In order to facility both internal and external users all BNC online materials are accessible via the “West Lafayette Open Campus” (independent from the main “West Lafayette Open Campus”).

Instructions for setting up an account on Blackboard’s Open Campus can be found here.

Access problems should be directed to ITaP (Information Technology at Purdue).

Once you have a Blackboard account set up, online course material is available for several BNC systems.

Outside Users
When registering for BNC training courses, external users should sign up for a “Friends of the University Account”.  Setting up this ITaP training account will allow you access to register for available workshops and classes.  A “Friends of the University ITaP Account” will also ensure a continuity of facility records between various training sessions.

Some BNC courses have online materials that must be viewed in advance of scheduled training sessions.  These materials are housed on Purdue University’s “Blackboard Vista 4” System.  The “Blackboard” account is independent of the “Friends of the University” Training Registration Account listed above (although the two can be made to mimic each other).  Instructions for setting up a Blackboard account can be found here.

In order to make reservations and enable BNC equipment, outside users will need access to CORAL.