Birck Nanotechnology Center

Recharge Center Policy

No one will be allowed access to the Birck Nanotechnology Center until they have completed all appropriate training.

A summary of required training for new users is available here.

Users may register for all training (general access and equipment) online.

Before using any equipment you must go through supervised training with the engineer in charge of the equipment and demonstrate compentancy.

No one will be allowed access to any of the laboratory facilties until they have provided the business office a valid account.

No new materials or processes may be introduced into the lab without the laboratory staff's approval. Please contact Dave Lubelski or Steve Jurss with questions.

The BNC staff reserves the right to terminate any process or use of any material in the laboratory if it is determined to be unsafe or it interferes with another process.

The BNC staff reserves the right to revoke all lab access priveleges of any user who violates BNC or Purdue University policies.

Each piece of equipment in the lab has a log book and a billing sheet. Users must sign into the logbook and billing sheet before any work is started. Failure to sign the billing sheets will result in having access privileges revoked.