Birck Nanotechnology Center

Lab Courtesy

There are over 500 authorized users of the Birck Nanotechnology Center. This is a large number of people and projects all sharing a common facility. The following guidelines are intended to allow all the users of the facility to make optimum use of lab resources and minimize conflict.

  • Hood and shared areas should be left cleaner than you found them. Remove all wipes, bottles, glassware and samples before you leave the lab or cleanroom.
  • When using chemicals empty one bottle before opening another. It's not very space efficient to have a storage cabinet full of bottles that are only 10% full.
  • When an acid or caustic bottle is emptied, triple rinse inside and outside three times, dry the outside of the bottle and attach a "Safe For Disposal" tag, and place it in the red waste/recycling bin. Also, triple rinse the cap and throw in the trash.
  • When a solvent bottle is emptied, use house nitrogen to dry the inside so no liquid remains. Attach a safe for disposal tag and place in the red waste/recycling bin. Also dry the cap and throw in the trash.
  • Waste chemical containers must be labelled with the standard Purdue waste label. All the materials in the container must be listed by their full name (no abbreviations) and approximate volume.
  • Be realistic when signing up to reserve equipment. Don't sign up for any more than two consecutive sessions, and sign up for two only when it is absolutely necessary. If you discover that you can no longer use a session that you have signed up for, scratch out your name as soon as possible, and if someone has signed up as standby, notify them ASAP.
  • Write your full name legibly on the billing sheets.
  • Fill out logbooks completely and legibly. It may be tedious to fill in all the blanks, but the information can speed up troubleshooting and greatly reduce down time.