Birck Nanotechnology Center

Epindorf Centrifuge 5804

General Information

Equipment Name: Epindorf Centrifuge 5804

FIC: Jenna Rickus

Process/Equipment Owner: Guy Telesnicki

Location: Bio-Cleanroom


System Information

General Description:

Compact, low-profile centrifuge for volumes from 0.25–100mL


Speed, rcf, and radius correction values can be entered by the user
Values can be changed during centrifugation Temperature range from -9 to +40 °C* Stand-by refrigeration*
Speed can be set from 200 rpm to maximum speed in increments of 10 rpm
Selectable program memory for up to 34 individual user programs
Short-spin key with selectable rotational speed
Fast-temp function* for rapid cooling of the centrifuge chamber "at set rpm" for even more reproducable results
10 acceleration and 10 braking ramps for sensitive sample material

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