Birck Nanotechnology Center

Operating Policies and Procedures

Biocleanroom Procedures

Specific to the Biocleanroom Only.

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7.1 Biocleanroom Access

7.2 Cleanroom Garments for the Biocleanroom

7.2 Growing Procedure

7.3 Degrowing Procedure

7.4 Degrowing Procedure

7.5 Equipment Maintenance Procedures

7.6 Housekeeping Procedures



7.1 Biocleanroom Access

7.1.1 Training Documentation

No one will be allowed access to the BNC Biocleanroom until they have submitted documentation to the BNC Safety Coordinator certifying that they have received proper safety training, biocleanroom training and certification (if applicable).  Appropriate safety guidelines issued by, but not limited to, the BNC, Purdue CHP, OSHA, and NFPA will be followed.   See Section 2.3 Cleanroom Entry and Section 4.1.2 Safety Training Documentation

7.2 Cleanroom Garments for the Biocleanroom

Hair Cover

Bouffant cap of spunbonded polyolefin with elastic closure.  Cap must be large enough to contain all hair and elastic must allow snug fit on head.


Open-face hood with two interior snaps per side for veil attachment.  Material to be coated Tyvek, such as Baxter Advantage.

Face veil

Disposable Kimberly-Clark Ranger snap-in veil.


Full jumpsuit with front zipper and military collar, elastic cuffs on sleeves and snapped cuffs on leg, with boot snap at mid-calf.  Material to be coated Tyvek, such as Baxter Advantage.


Conductive-sole boot with coated-Tyvek upper.  Elastic top, and three vertically arranged snaps for attachment to jumpsuit leg.   Sole material must provide good traction on cleanroom flooring. 

7.3 Gowning Procedure

Swipe your biocleanroom access badge through the card reader and enter the air shower.  You may not allow anyone else to enter the air shower with your card swipe.  The air shower will begin automatically.  When the cycle is finished, enter the gowning room.

Put on the hair cover making sure that all hair is contained inside the cover.  It is suggested that the hair cover not cover your ears to make it easier to hear while in the biocleanroom.

Select a biocleanroom hood, face veil, jumpsuit, and boots.  Take them to a gowning station to begin the gowning process.

Snap the face veil inside the hood, and pull hood over your head.  Use care to ensure that all hair remains inside the hair cover while putting on the hood.  Press the wire in the face veil over the bridge of the nose to ensure a snug fit.

Put on the biocleanroom jumpsuit without allowing any portion of the jumpsuit to touch the floor.  The recommended procedure is to gather the arm and leg cuffs at the bottom of the zipper of the jumpsuit.  Be seated on the gowning bench, and place one leg into the leg of the jumpsuit while releasing that leg from the zipper bottom.  Pull the jumpsuit on that leg such that it completely clears the shoe cover.  Repeat this procedure for the second leg.

Holding the sleeves of the jumpsuit at the bottom of the zipper, arise and pull the waist of the jumpsuit to your waist.  Put one arm into the appropriate arm of the jumpsuit while releasing that cuff.  Repeat with the second arm and pull the upper part of the jumpsuit into place.

Adjust the jumpsuit such that it is comfortable, and zip the front of the jumpsuit to the top of the zipper.
Be seated on the biocleanroom bench and put on the biocleanroom boots, ensuring that the upper of the boot does not touch the biocleanroom floor.  Snap the boot cuff to provide a snug, comfortable fit.

Proceed to the gowning room mirror, and adjust the fit of your biocleanroom garments.  Put on your biocleanroom gloves such that you only touch the cuff of the glove.  Adjust the fit of your gloves with both hands gloved, then put on your safety glasses.

Proceed to the biocleanroom air shower and enter.  The shower will begin automatically.  When the cycle is complete, enter the biocleanroom.

7.4 Degrowing Procedure

On exiting the biocleanroom, discard biocleanroom gloves, boots, jumpsuit, hood, and bouffant cap in the trash container in the degowning corridor.  Remove your safety glasses if you do not wear them outside the biocleanroom.

7.5 Biocleanroom Equipment Maintenance Procedures

7.6 Biocleanroom Housekeeping Procedures