Birck Nanotechnology Center


General Information

Equipment Name: Axic PECVD

Coral Name: axic

FIC: Shared

Process/Equipment Owner:

Geoff Gardner

Bill Sheldon

Location: Cleanroom Bay R

Max Wafer Size: 8


System Information

General Description: The BenchMark Axic PECVD is a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition system used to deposit Silicon oxide and nitride.

Capabilities: The system has following gases:

1- 5% Silane (SiH4)
2- N2O
3- NH3
4- CF4
5- O2

It accommodate up to 8" substrate or a variety of smaller substrate sizes.

Maximum RF power: 600W @ 13.56MHz
Maximum electrode temp: 400C
Minimum base pressure: 20 mTorr

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