Birck Nanotechnology Center

Canon PLA-501F Wafer Aligner

General Information

Equipment Name: Canon PLA-501F Wafer Alignerpla-501

Coral Name: canon_pl501

FIC: David Janes

Process/Equipment Owner: Mike Courtney

Location: Cleanroom N Bay

Max Wafer Size: 4


System Information

General Description: The Canon PLA 501 F is a fully automatic production mask aligner designed for cassette-to-cassette operation. This tool is designed for the fabrication of whole 4" inch wafers only!

Comments: For exposures longer than 40 seconds: Set the exposure timer at 73.0 and press the start button. Set the desired time of exposure and press the EXPO button after alignment. After the first exposure is completed, reset the amount of exposure and press the EXPO button. Repeating these operations enables multiple exposures.

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Operators Manual pdf