Birck Nanotechnology Center

Design Rules

All features must be closed polygons.
All features must be centered around the origin (0,0).
File units must be microns unless stated in job request.
All text must be polygons (in IC station use pgtext).
No features below the resolution limits for the selected fabrication method.
No fiducle marks are needed.
If any of the design rules are not followed and translation fails. You will be charged for the computer time.
Design and layout

When designing a mask it is best to keep in mind the limits of the machine. There are several layout tools available at Purdue University, IC station in Mentor Graphics, AutoCAD, Advanced Design Software, and Wave Maker. Both ADS and IC station can generate a .gdsII file directly and this is the best approach. AutoCAD will generate a .dxf file that can be translated to .gdsII.
I'm not an expert in IC layout for your particular application. I do however, know what will work best on the TRE. So here are some tips for success! These aren't rules that must be followed to submit a file, but they will certainly aid in timely plate fabrication.
When making contact pads, use straight objects if possible. Don't stair step if you can avoid it. The system is capable of producing any angle from 0-360 degrees.
Don't repeat patterns in a 1x layout if they can be stepped and repeated. Use the hybrid layout file.
Plan accordingly. The machine averages 3000 flashes per hour. Complicated patterns flash slower. If you send a 5 layer, 50,000 flash count file, don't expect it in three days.
Don't flatten structures. The translator can handle heirarchial structures.

Page last updated Dec. 6, 2007.