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DynaPro99 Dynamic Light Scattering

General Information

Equipment Name: DynaPro99 Dynamic Light Scatteringcontact

Coral Name: none

FIC: Alexander Ribbe

Process/Equipment Owner: Alexander Ribbe

Location: BRK 2037

System Information

General Description:

The DynaPro99 Dynamic Light Scattering system from Wyatt (former Protein Solutions) is available for particle sizing in solution. This instrument can be used to size proteins, vesicles, colloids, quantum dots, and a variety of micro/nanoparticles as a function of solution condition and temperature.

Volume requirements: 30 ul or 100ul

Sample restrictions:Sample should to have low concentration (< 1 mg/ml)

System Capabilities:

Detection limits: 0.5 nm - 1um hydrodynamic radius.


Training Registration for the Dynamic Light Scattering instrument can be found at:

Instrument signup and schedule can be found at: and, respectively.

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