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Disco DAD-2H/6 Dicing Saw

General InformationDisco

Equipment Name: Disco DAD-2H/6 Dicing Saw

Coral Name: DiscoDad

FIC: Shared

Process/Equipment Owner: Tim Miller

Location: brk2261

Max Wafer Size: 6



Casey Ellison

Bill Rowe

System Information

General Description:

The Disco dicing saw is a precision sawing machine used in cutting semiconductor and MEMS wafers for separation of individual chips or devices.

System Capabilities:

Pieces to be cut are mounted on wafer tape, which allows any size and shape of sample to be cut, up to 6 inches in diameter, and up to 1 millimeter thick.

A supply of blades is on hand for most common substrates. Unusual substrates or non-standard cutting dimensions (i. e. extremely narrow kerf) may necessitate ordering special blades. There may be an extra cost to order special blades.

General Comments:

The programming required to operate the dicing saw is moderately difficult. Unless the user is going to need the machine on a very frequent basis, they should consider having Tim or one of the other staff members familiar with the saw perform their cutting.

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