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MFP-3D-BIO Atomic Force Microscope (AsylumResearch)

General Information

Equipment Name: MFP-3D-BIO Atomic Force Microscope (AsylumResearch)AFM

Coral Name: Asylum_MFP_3D_Bio

FIC: Ron Reifenberger

Process/Equipment Owner: Contact Monica Allain

Location: BNC 1081

Max Wafer Size: 2


System Information

General Description:

The MFP-3D-BIOTM AFM provides high resolution images and accurate force measurement in both air and liquid.


  • Advanced optical capabilities: The MFP-3D-BIO AFM is integrated with an inverted optical microscope (Olympus IX71), supporting optical microscopy techniques like phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy.
  • Environmental controls: vibration isolation; fluid cell; petri dish holder and heater.
  • Lowest noise: 8 pm cantilever deflection noise (typical), 20 pm guaranteed.
  • Closed loop sensors on all three axes provides high precision 3D motion.
  • iDriveTM technique simplifies imaging in liquid, ideal for imaging living biological samples.



  • X&Y axes: 90µm range in closed loop; resolution 0.5 nm limited only by sensor noise. Sensor linearity better than 0.5%.
  • Z axis: >15 µm range; resolution 0.25 nm limited only by sensor noise. Sensor linearity better than 0.05%.
  • Cantilever deflection measurement: Noise <0.02 nm; typical 0.008 nm. Linearity better than 0.5%. Measures cantilever resonances up to 2 MHz standard.

    Sample images from Asylum Research Website

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