Birck Nanotechnology Center

Dr. Tahira Reid Seminar

November 29 @ 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM - ME room 1061

Studies on Human Judgments and their Impacts on Engineering Design Decisions

Engineers have the unique opportunity to provide design solutions to a variety of problems in our society. However, when it comes to problems that require an understanding of the social or psychological aspects of a solution, we are limited by the traditional engineering paradigm. Colleagues in the social sciences have developed a number of quantitative tools that have proven to be effective in assessing consumer judgments, perceptions and other decisions that may inform and ultimately impact design solutions. The problems we are faced with today require an interdisciplinary approach, one that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, such as engineering and psychology.
This talk will demonstrate how the quantification and study of human judgments could impact engineering design decisions. The first is a study involving the use of an eye-tracker which showed how different product representations can influence consumer decisions and in turn impact design research methods. The second is an automotive case study. This research seeks to facilitate design by developing new design process models that include models and paradigms from the behavioral sciences. The ultimate outcome of this research is to provide tools that can support an engineering designer’s decision making.

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