Birck Nanotechnology Center

Access to BNC Facilities

Educational Opportunities in Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology

The graduate students of the BNC work in a truly interdisciplinary environment while earning a degree in a traditional discipline. A large and growing number of graduate courses in nano-related topics supplements and supports the learning process inherent to graduate research. Increasingly, these courses are available in whole or in part through, the website of the NSF Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN).

Undergraduate students have a multitude of research opportunities in the BNC through summer and academic year research programs such as the College of Engineering's Summer Research Fellowship (SURF) program.

Beyond formal coursework and curricula, the nanoHUB provides open access to tutorial presentations and simulation tools at all levels from high school to post graduate. You are invited to peruse the nanoHUB website at your leisure...listen to a tutorial on carbon nanotubes over lunch, or take an on-line course in nanoelectronics.

Here is a list of courses currently offered at Purdue University.