Birck Nanotechnology Center

Access to BNC Facilities

The assets of the BNC - its unique facilities, specialized tools and instrumentation, and the expertise of its researchers - are much too valuable to keep to ourselves. The BNC opens its doors to the wider world, including researchers from companies, universities, and national labs. If you are interested in working in the BNC facility and/or in collaborating with BNC researchers and technical staff, please follow the links below to get started. Should you have any questions, please contact Erin Hibbert (phone: 765-494-5139; e-mail:

Training is required to use most of the facilities, labs, and cleanroom. Click here to find out more.


Use of Birck Nanotechnology Center's Cleanroom or Laboratory Equipment

Instructions to gain access to equipment for Visiting Scientists and Recharge Facility Users

BNC Training On-line Prerequisites

Summary of BNC Training Courses

Request for Privileges Form

Request form for ECN Account

Rates for Internal Users and External Users


Micro and Nanofabricaton Services

Let our experts at the BNC handle everything - from concept to characterization. Find out more here.


The Nanotechnology Incubator

The BNC provides flexible laboratory space that can be leased by companies through the Purdue Research Foundation. This space is designed to provide a secure, specialized laboratory for companies wishing to use the infrastructure of the BNC while maintaining private laboratory space for specialized or proprietary work. To inquire, please contact the BNC Managing Director.