Birck Nanotechnology Center

BNC Training On-line Prerequisites

Before you attend some BNC Training Courses you must complete the required online course and quiz. Please make sure you complete the quiz a minimum of 12 hours before the class is scheduled so that the computer system does not lock you out. A score of 80% or more is required & you can take the quiz up to three times (once per hour). As stated on the registration website, you can access the required BNC-online courses at:


Note: You may need to "create an account" for the Blackboard Vista4 site before enrolling in the course. From the main page, Click West Lafayette Open Campus --> create new account. You can set this website mimic your ITaP account or set up an alternate log-in and password.

If a course does not show up on your My Blackboard homepage, you can register for the course by exiting the system and returning to the main page:


This should get you to the Blackboard page. Choose West Lafayette Open Campus, this should lead you to a page with three choices. (Course List, Log In, & Create Account). Select "Course List" --> Purdue Extension --> BNC --> Uncategorized --> BNC XXX


The relevant course should now show up on the "course list" of your "My Blackboard" page. If you cannot successfully complete any quiz 12 hours in advance (regardless of the reason) you will have to cancel your enrollment and reschedule for a later session. See for alternate training sessions.


ITaP can help you set up an account if you are having problems ( or help line 765-494-4000).

Please contact the relevant staff if you have any other questions.


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