Birck Nanotechnology Center

Instructions to gain access to equipment

Visiting Scientists and Recharge Facility Users

  1. Give account information to Business Office for billing purposes:
    1. Name of Company or University
    2. Business Address
    3. Telephone and Fax Numbers
    4. Contact Person
    5. Contact Email
  2. Receive training guide and schedule training:
    1. Use training guide to determine the types of training needed. If there are any questions about training, contact Mary Jo Totten (Phone: 496-1173).
    2. Training can be schedule online.
    3. Quiz for the training can also be completed online.
  3. Get login information and initiate Coral account
    1. Complete a R4P (Request for Privileges) form.
    2. Complete an ECN Account Request form.
  4. Access to the building, labs, and password will be completed when you arrive at the building.


All information and forms should be returned as soon as possible to:
                  Erin Hibbert
                  Birck Nanotechnology Center, Room 1010
                  1205 West State Street
                  West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057
                  (765) 494-5139
                  Fax: (765) 496-8299