Birck Nanotechnology Center

BNC Bootcamp Workshop - Disclosures

April 26, 2010
2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Burton Morgan Center for Entreprenuership


Eyal Barash

Patents & Company Development

In a knowledge-based industry, patent rights carry critical value. More specifically, patent rights in a university setting are particularly important because of the competing drivers of protecting IP for development purposes and freely disseminating knowledge, which is the university’s mission. This seminar will discuss which inventions qualify for patent protection and the standards used to determine how to sufficiently describe that invention in order to obtain a patent with an eye toward the unique circumstances often found at universities. In addition, the seminar will discuss some basic contract law concepts associated with entrepreneurs interested in starting a company or developing a pre-existing start up.

Eyal Barash serves as Chief Intellectual Property Counsel to Endocyte, a drug-discovery company based in the Purdue Research Park, on a part-time basis. In addition, Mr. Barash has a private practice focusing on pharmaceutical patent law and legal issues associated with business development. In that capacity, he acts as counsel to Aptuit, Inc., an international contract research organization, which maintains a facility in the Research Park at the former SSCI, Inc. facility (now a division of Aptuit). Mr. Barash, a native of West Lafayette and a faculty brat, attended college at an institution that shall remain nameless located approximately 120 miles south of town where he studied chemistry and history. He obtained an MS in physical chemistry at Berkeley and received his law degree from Northwestern University before practicing law for eight years in Washington, DC at an international patent-law firm.


Karen White

Filing IP disclosures, patents, and licensing

Karen White is an Assistant Director, with the Office of Technology Commercialization, Purdue Research Foundation, responsible for managing a portfolio of educational technology and technical educational materials produced by Purdue ‎University. This work includes facilitating both commercial and non-profit dissemination of educational materials, and supporting community outreach of Purdue University for both educational programs and economic development. Her interests include intellectual property, copyright law, STEM education, serious gaming, animation and interactive media in education.

Ms. White has extensive experience in technology transfer, with over 14 years of experience in university technology transfer and intellectual property management at three different land-grant universities. Prior to taking her current position here at Purdue in August 2000, she worked with both Texas A&M University and Iowa State University, working with the Technology Licensing office of each university, and assuming increasing responsibilities for marketing and commercialization of technology, including contract negotiation, intellectual property protection, and licensing strategy. Ms. White made the transition to a career in technology transfer after spending four years in production support and environmental compliance in the chemical industry. 

Currently, Ms. White is responsible for management of a broad portfolio of technologies including patentable inventions in physical science and engineering technologies (e.g., information technology, computer security, alternative energy, medical imaging, educational technology, etc.). She is engaged with a working portfolio of over 120 actively licensed or marketed cases annually, with approximately 40 new disclosures received each year.



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