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Student opportunities from NSF and NASA



Positions at Intel

Intel Corporation has several openings for physical science Ph.D.’s to support/direct R&D of advanced processing methods used to manufacture the next generation of microprocessors.
Positions are available in the areas of thin film deposition, electrochemistry, and chemical mechanical polish.
Openings are at Intel’s primary development facility (Ronler Acres) located ~10 miles west of Portland OR.
Ph.D. candidates in Materials Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Electrical Engineering or related fields should email resumes


Positions at Argonne

Argonne National Laboratory has post doctoral positions available in the nanofabrication of x-ray optics.
Experience with e-beam lithography and interest in optical applications is required. For additional information,
e-mail CVs to


Call for Proposals: National Center for Electron Microscopy

The National Center for Electron Microscopy, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a DOE User Facility for Electron Scattering, is currently accepting research proposals for the next quarterly deadline of December 15, 2010.
The mission of the National Center for Electron Microscopy (NCEM) is to provide scientists from universities, government and industrial laboratories with cutting-edge instrumentation, techniques and expertise for advanced electron beam microcharacterization of materials at high spatial resolution. Access to NCEM is free of charge for research that is in the public domain and intended for open publication.
NCEM is one of the world’s foremost centers for electron optical microcharacterization with a resident staff of scientists who conduct high-level research and collaborate with external research groups to maximize the impact of electron optical methods on materials science. NCEM’s major focus is in the following areas of research: Defects and deformation; Mechanisms and kinetics of phase transformations; Nanostructured materials; Surfaces, interfaces and thin films.
Prospective users are encouraged to contact NCEM staff to discuss proposal ideas in advance of submission and to learn more about special capabilities of particular interest (see the Staff section of the NCEM web page). Approved projects will receive user access and work can begin as soon as possible after this notification.

The following instruments are accessible to users:
• Aberration-corrected TEAM microscopes (TEAM 0.5 and TEAM I)
• One-Angstrom Microscope (CM300)
• CM200/FEG Analytical TEM/STEM
• Spin-Polarized Low-Energy Electron Microscope
• JEOL 3010 In-situ TEM
• FEI Dual-beam FIB
• Monochromated FEI Tecnai F20 TEM/STEM
• Monochromated Zeiss Libra TEM/STEM

All proposals will be reviewed for feasibility, safety, and potential for high-impact science. Users for approved projects must complete access and training requirements prior to beginning experiments. If you have any questions please contact NCEM's administrator
To submit a proposal online, or obtain further information, please visit the NCEM website at:



For the most up-to-date seminar/workshop information, please see the BNC Calendar.


Samuel Graham
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology
“Characterization of the Thermal and Mechanical Response of GaN High Electron Mobility Devices”
January 13, 2011 - BRK 1001 - 3 pm


SAVE THE DATE! Discovery Lecture Series






Syntheses, Characterizations and Applications of Oxide Nanocomposites Materials
(International Session E, presented in English) in MRS-J Academic Symposium to be held on Dec. 20-22, 2010 in YOKOHAMA, JAPAN.


The 2011 World Congress on Electronics and Electrical Engineering [WCEEENG 2011]: Monday through Thursday, 04.04.11 to 04.07.11, Cairo, Egypt

19th International Conference on Composites or Nano Engineering, 07.24.11 to 07.30.11, Shanghai, China


Call for Abstracts - Nanotech 2011 (Boston), June 13-16, 2011



Nanotechnology New Ventures Competition & The Future of Nanotechnology Research Fair

Registration open until December 10, 2010




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Members of the Faculty (Professors and Research Professors) are responsible for contacting each of their group members, including graduate students, undergraduate researchers, postdoctoral fellows and research scientists. Specific instructions should be conveyed by phone if possible. All graduate students should register for the Purdue University e-mail alert system at

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