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Thank you for choosing to present a paper at UGIM 2010! The following information will provide you with some guidance in preparing for the conference as well as some information regarding the facilities that are at your disposal during the conference. For more information, please contact Mary Jo Totten at


The presentations on Monday, 28 June 2010, will be held in MRGN 121 in the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship in Discovery Park. It is a tiered-seating room with tables in front of each row of chairs and has a capacity of approximately 115 people. The wall behind the presenter has two very large screens that provide two views of the presentation material.

The presentations on Tuesday, 29 June 2010, through Thursday, 1 July 2010, will be held in the South Ballroom of the Purdue Memorial Union. This room is not tiered, and will be set up with alternating rows of tables and chairs. The seating capacity is approximately 300 people. A large screen will provide a view of the presentation material.

In both cases, there will be a table in the front of the room for the session chair and each of the speakers for that session. Please introduce yourself to the session chair at least 10 minutes prior to your presentation and make arrangements for the appropriate a-v setup (see below).

Audio-Visual Set-up

It is assumed that all presentation will utilize a computer projector system. A laptop computer (Dell PC) will be provided for the conference. If the presentation is Microsoft PowerPoint, the presenter can bring the presentation on a thumb drive and load it into the conference computer. If you wish to do this, please do so at least ten minutes prior to the beginning of your session.

If you are using something other than Microsoft PowerPoint, you have a special computer requirement, or for any reason you prefer using your own computer, a video hookup to your computer is provided via a video switch. Please hook your computer into the switch at least ten minutes prior to the beginning of your session. This will allow us to move seamlessly from one presenter to the next.

If you are using the conference laptop, a “clicker” will be provided to advance your slides. If you are using your own laptop, please provide whatever hardware you require or arrange for the Session Chair to advance your slides for you. We won’t be able to move the “clicker” from one computer to another.

Presentation Details

The format of the presentation is at your discretion. If you are using something other than PowerPoint, please ensure that the proper software is present on the computer that you will be using. While we will try to provide web access, that is not guaranteed. Please have your complete presentation either on the computer you will be using or on a thumb drive for download – don’t rely on an Internet connection.

All presentations are to fit within a 20-minute time window, unless you have been notified otherwise. This assumes a 15-minute presentation and a 5-minute question and answer period. To facilitate this, a timer will be run by the session chair that gives green-yellow-red status lights. Please assist us in keeping the conference on time by staying within the designated time interval for your presentation.

Ready Room

There will be a presenter Ready Room set up as a lounge area where you can test your presentation prior to the beginning of your session. In Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship, the presenter ready room is MRGN 112. In the Purdue Memorial Union, the ready room is P136. Both rooms are proximal to the room where you will be presenting.

Session Chairs

Session Chairs are responsible for running their session. Two major tasks are introducing the speakers in your session and maintaining the time schedule.

Please speak with each presenter in your session prior to the beginning of the session. Ensure that you know the proper pronunciation of the presenter’s name, and that the introduction information is satisfactory to the presenter.

Please operate the timer – Mary Jo Totten will give you a brief introduction to the timer function prior to your session – and ensure that the presenters stay on schedule. We hope that you will not have to “cut off” presenters, but that has occasionally been necessary. You will also need to control the length of the question and answer sessions after each presentation, asking the attendees to get further clarification during the break.



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