Birck Nanotechnology Center

BNC Office/Desk Policy & Request

Office Assignments

Offices in the BNC will be assigned to faculty, students, staff, corporate partners, and visitors.  Faculty officeholders must be members of the BNC.  Priority will be given to faculty, students and postdoctoral fellows based on their involvement in research activities conducted in the BNC or the intensity of their use of BNC equipment and facilities.  Offices will be provided for technical and clerical staff of the BNC.  Offices for visitors (visiting scientists, sabbatical visitors, post-docs) will be assigned as available, based on their involvement in research activities conducted in the BNC or the intensity of their use of BNC equipment and facilities.
Policy 60.111209  

One-Person and Two-Person Offices

Resident and Affiliated faculty members of the BNC are eligible to make requests for office space.  Office assignments will be made by the Director’s staff with the approval of the BNC Director.  Office space in the BNC building, which is allocated on an as needed, as available basis, will be allocated with priority given to faculty members whose research groups use the Scifres Nanofabrication Laboratory extensively.  One-person (1P) offices will be provided to faculty members who do not maintain primary offices in other campus buildings.  Two-person (2P) offices will be provided for faculty members who maintain a primary office elsewhere, but who spend a considerable fraction of their time in the BNC.  In general, full-time staff members will be provided with 2P office space or the equivalent.
Policy 61.111209

Hotel Office Space (Birck 2072)

Faculty members, corporate partners, and distinguished visitors who are visiting the BNC for a limited period, or who maintain a limited regular schedule, will be granted access on an as-available basis to any of the seven desks located in Birck 2072.

Policy 62.111209

Ten-Person Office Space

Desk space for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, undergraduate researchers, and research scientists is allocated by the Managing Director.  A request for desk space must originate from the faculty advisor (a BNC member) and should be addressed to the Director’s office.  The faculty member may request that the group member’s desk be in close proximity to a specific laboratory.  However, the assignment depends on the available desks.  Note that the BNC seeks to promote interactions between research groups, a factor that will be considered in assigning desks.
Desk space is limited, and is allocated on an as-available basis.  Graduate students who have completed most of their course requirements and who are spending much of their time conducting research will be given priority for student desk space.  New graduate students who spend much of their time in classes may have access to hotel desks as required for research.  Lockers are also available to researchers who do not spend much time in the Center.


Students - Request Desk/Office Space


Faculty permanent and hotel space request form

Hotel space is temporary space that can be use for faculty, industry, and students, in that priority order.