Birck Nanotechnology Center

Birck Nanotechnology Center - COE Community Building Grant


The objective of the COE Community Building Grant is to enhance the interactions between COE faculty active in various aspects of nanotechnology and other potential partners.  The scope of the program will foster interactions within small teams in various technical areas, between technical areas, and with external researchers, in order to raise awareness of Purdue programs as well as to identify appropriate partners for future programs.  The efforts of this grant are expected to provide a foundation for future programs involving

  • Multi-investigator teams—small-team to center level efforts
  • Partnerships between areas of strength
  • Partnerships with other strategic areas and with other Purdue Centers

The COE Community Building Grant provides funding assistance for two specific programs: Nanotechnology Seminar Series and Technical Working Groups.

Nanotechnology Seminar Series

In order to foster interaction between COE faculty resident in Birck and those within primary offices in other buildings, the Nanotechnology Seminar Series location will alternate between rooms in Discovery Park and rooms over in the College of Engineering (e.g. Armstrong or Forney Hall).  The Seminar series for this Spring Semester will be held on Thursday’s from 10:30-11:30am in BRK 1001, while seminars planned in the COE will be determined each seminar request from our faculty.  Two classes of speakers will be included:

  • External speakers, to promote partnership and enhance visibility of Purdue Programs.
  • Internal speakers, to promote community building and provide opportunities to explore topics of common interest. 


Technical Working Groups

In order to foster the development of working groups in various technical areas, as well as interactions between working groups the funding available is meant to meet both a long and short term goal.  The long term goal is to organize teams to compete for external funding opportunities.  In the short-term, this will involve cross-fertilization for the individual-investigator and small team proposals.  In the medium term, this is expected to involve definition of thrust for center-level proposals, MURIs, MRSEC, ERC, etc. 

Technical Areas:

  • Electronic Devices and Materials
  • Photonics/Plasmonics
  • Thermal Interfaces and Transport
  • Nano-Bio
  • MEMS
  • Electron Microscopy and Materials Characterization
  • Scanning Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy
  • Catalysis and Surface Science
  • Sustainability/Health and Safety

If you are interested in funding assistance from the Community Building Grant to fund a Nanotechnology Seminar or Technical Working Group, contact the Managing Director, Dr. Monica Allain: 765-494-5138 or email:


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