The Molecular Cytometry Facility is located in the Bindley Bioscience Center along with shared lab space in the Birck Nanotechnology Center within Discovery Park under the direction of James F. Leary, Ph.D. This facility houses various instrumentation including the multi-patented High-Speed High-Resolution Cell Sorter (HiReCS), a microfluidic cell sorter prototype based on BioMEMS technology, the Laser-Enabled Analysis and Processing (LEAP™) instrument, and two Nikon fluorescent microscopes: one upright Optiphot microscope and one inverted Diaphot microscope with an attached Narishege manual micromanipulation system. Research interests include autonomous nanomedical systems, high-speed high-throughput single cell sorting and data mining.

Nanoparticle targeting of CD95 positive BJAB cells. Nanoparticle-based "nanofactories" can manufacture therapeutic genes inside living cells for single cell treatments. (Prow, Tarl W., et al., Journal of Molecular Histology, 35:555, 2004)







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