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3D/Interactive Genomics Display You are invited to participate in the development of an exciting museum quality display designed to engage students and the general public in science exploration through plant functional genomics. Dr. David Salt (Horticulture), Jon Bricker (Purdue's AGCOMM), and Randal Batchelor (Discovery Learning Center) are developing a large scale, 3-D, interactive, Genomics display to debut at the 2007 State Fair. They need the expertise of several teachers to participate in the project.

Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship The James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship has as its mission to assume a national leadership role in preparing new generations of American citizens. The focus is to provide programs, institutes, activities and resources for educators to implement more powerful citizenship programs and opportunities that result in active student involvement in schools and communities.

Department of Agronomy Outreach Purdue Agronomy K-12 Science program offers worksheets, coloring sheets, books, and experiments for Grades k-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. The site also includes information for teachers, students, and parents on science education.

Department of Biological Sciences Outreach Biological Sciences provides a number of services including K-12 visits to the Department, Purdue faculty traveling to high schools and elementary schools to stimulate student interest in science, teacher training workshops, Open House Weekend, the State Science Olympiad, and the Small Equipment Loan Program.

Bug Bowl Learn more about Purdue's annual Bug Bowl, the largest known insect event of its kind.

College of Science Outreach The College of Science Outreach site includes information on professional development programs for K-12 teachers and activities for K-12 students.

Department of Chemistry Outreach Teachers of Chemistry and Science K-12 can find a wealth of professional development opportunities offered through Department of Chemistry's Outreach programs. Purdue's Instrument Van Project, Science Express, AP Workshops, Focus on Science, Implementing Scientific Probes in Your 6-12 Science Class are just a few of the options available for teachers.

Department of Computer Graphics Technology Looking for a computer graphics summer camp for high school students? Check out this site .

Department of Computer Sciences Summer Camps Beginner and advanced computer science summer camp for kids camps are all listed here.

Department of Computer Science K-12 Outreach The Computer Science Outreach Program is just one part of the College of Science K-12 Outreach Program. The site provides information and opportunities for students and teachers to engage with Purdue faculty to increase interest and achievement in computer science.

Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences This site includes information on current research and professional development opportunities for teachers.

Department of Engineering Education The first program of its kind in the nation, the Department of Engineering Education focuses on the emerging need for a strong research base to guide engineering practice, prepare expert engineering education practitioners, and develop curriculum leaders in engineering education. This site includes information on the department, engineering news, and current K-12 engineering research.

Department of Entomology Entomology's site provides information about engaging programs and events on insect biology and ecology for all ages as well as specific resources for teachers.

Department of Food Science This site provides information, links, workshops, food safety tips, and other valuable resources on food science, manufacturing, and tips for home.

Department of Mathematics The Mathematics K-12 Outreach program's offers professional development in a variety of areas including variations in instructional strategies, problem-solving learning environments, and effective instructional materials. 

EPICS: Engineering Projects in Community EPICS brings community service agencies and engineering undergraduate students together to the benefit of both.

Department of Statistics P-12 Outreach The Department of Statistics P-12 Outreach seeks to increase student interest and involvement with math, demonstrate how the use of technology and hands-on activities can enhance instruction and learning, and enlighten p-12 teachers on variations in instructional strategies, problem-solving learning environments, and effective instructional materials.

Genomics Analogy Model for Educators (G.A.M.E.) The G.A.M.E. website is a tool for high school science teachers and higher education instructors that teach genomics but do not have a molecular biology background. Useful analogies and resources are available for teachers to use in their classroom.

Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI) A center located in the Department of Educational Studies in the Purdue University College of Education, GERI offers graduate programs in gifted education and a licensure program for K-12 educators in Indiana. GERI also provides training to pre-service teachers through hands-on opportunities and training in connection to Super Saturday and the GERI Summer Camps.

Institute for Nanoelectronics and Computing (INAC) The Institute for Nanoelectronics and Computing offers a two prong program that provides science fair mentors for middle school children and promotes presentations and seminars by Purdue undergraduate students involved in the NASA Reduced Flight Program. 

Indiana 4-H Find out what's happening in 4-H at Purdue and around Indiana.

Institute for P-12 Engineering Research and Learning (INSPIRE) INSPIRE helps educators investigate how students learn and works to instill a desire in students to study engineering from elementary through high school. Find out more about their Summer Academy and the Bechtel Fellow Program.

Project Lead the Way This site will answer all your questions about Purdue's Project Lead the Way preengineering/engineering technology program.

Purdue University Extension Visit this site to find knowledge teachers can use to meet specific objectives in the Indiana Academic Standards.

Purdue Literacy Network Project (PLNP) The Purdue Literacy Network Project (PLNP) provides such professional development for the purpose of creating a comprehensive program for children in elementary grades, assuring that all children are given the opportunity to become readers and writers early in their schooling.

Physics K-12 Outreach Purdue brings PEARLS of Science wisdom to teachers and schools through its Physics Educational Assistance, Resources and Learning Strategies program. This highly successful program brings the excitement of physical science to students and teachers through a variety of programs both on and off campus.

Science Bound This program mentors 8th through 12th grade students at Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS), encouraging them to enroll in classes and pursue careers in science, engineering, technology, and math/science education. Those students who complete the 5-year program and gain acceptance to Purdue University in an approved field receive a full-tuition scholarship to Purdue for eight semesters.

The Indiana Council of Economic Education AgEcon's outreach to the K-12 community.


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