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Purdue University's Discovery Learning Research Center is uniquely configured to support research that enhances our understanding of the learning process by designing and assessing innovative educational programs and interactive learning technologies. Discoveries gained from DLRC supported research will transform learning at all levels, from preschool to graduate school, and in the workplace and society as a whole. Since its inception in March 2003, the Discovery Learning Center has fostered more than $50 million in funded research focused on identifying, developing, and nurturing interdisciplinary teams and projects that integrate, synthesize, and promote discovery, learning, and engagement.

Evaluation and Assessment

A research center in its own right, the DLRC provides assessment and evaluation services in support of other Centers and Units on campus. DLRC assessment staff provide project and external evaluation services and consultation that includes designing comprehensive evaluation plans organized around the activities that address project goals. The evaluation plans assist project management teams in assessing the quality and value of their project and provide responsive feedback regarding strengths and weaknesses of the project (formative evaluation) as well as a summary of progress toward meeting project goals (summative evaluation).

Project Coordination

The DLRC also provides project management services in support of other Centers and Units on campus. DLRC project managers support effective project initiation, implementation, and on-going management activities to insure that project timelines and goals are met and to help connect and coordinate project activities with other appropriate efforts.

Research Facilities

The Discovery Learning Research Center is a 22,000 square-foot state of the art facility that occupies the first two floors of the new DLRC building at the NW corner of Martin Jischke and Nimitz in Discovery Park. The DLRC features unique, flexible spaces designed for educational research unlike any available nationwide. The spaces also incorporate technologies and structural features that allow for collection of research data about the learning experience.

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Discovery Learning Research Center
207 South Martin Jischke Drive, Suite 203
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