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NSF (GK-12) entitled The Indiana Interdisciplinary GK-12: Bringing Authentic Problem Solving in STEM to Rural Middle Schools

gk12 The Indiana Interdisciplinary GK-12 combines the interdisciplinary research focus of Purdue University with the rural and small town learning context of three Indiana school corporations. The project aims to improve middle school science education while dramatically enhancing STEM graduate students’ experience and understanding of learning and teaching. This project offers a unique one-year fellowship for doctoral students in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to serve as "visiting scientists" in a program designed to instill the excitement of learning science into middle school classrooms. STEM fellows gain an insight into teaching and learning, as well as enhanced understanding and ability to communicate their own science. For more information contact Ms. Amy Childress ( or Dr. Jonathan Harbor (

Taking Nanoscience to the Public

INmuseum Recent movies, books, and advertising campaigns have brought the term nanoscience to the public. However, few people understand the depth, breadth, potential, and risks associated with this new technology. The Discovery Learning Center, in partneriship with Purdue's College of Agriculture, spearheaded the development of a museum display focused on nanoscience. This 400 square foot display, highlighting research efforts at Purdue University, visited the Indiana State Museum and the Indiana Fair Grounds. The exhibit will travel to various other museums in Indiana, the Midwest, and elsewhere. For more information contact the Discovery Learning Research Center (


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