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Research facilities in the DLRC are available for use by personnel affiliated with funded projects in which the DLRC is a collaborator or lead. Available facilities fall into two categories:

  • Educational research facilities (learning studios, the atrium and laboratories)
  • Project team desk space

Office space in the 203 or 204 suites of DLR is reserved for DLRC staff. Any other uses of these office suites are special cases to be determined by the DLRC Director in consultation with the Executive Director of Discovery Park and the Office of the Vice President for Research.

Collaborators are people who directly contribute to the mission of DLRC by:

  • being involved in a funded project with DLRC that directly contributes to the mission of DLRC, or
  • preparing a proposal that involves the DLRC at some level, or
  • working with DLRC to carry out research for the purpose of piloting educational activities for implementation and/or in preparation for seeking external funding, or
  • carrying out engagement activities in collaboration with DLRC (such as workshops for teachers or K-12 students).

Video conferencing is available to collaborators of the DLRC in DLR 131 and 221. We also have 24 laptops available to our collaborators for research use for classes, seminars, or other research related events. To reserve a space for video conferencing or for use of the laptops, please fill out the online form here. DLRC staff will notify you shortly after your request as to availability.

To request a research space for an event, please read the guidelines (PDF is here) for use of our spaces and then fill out the form here. Make sure you allow enough time in your request for set-up and cleanup of all spaces, as the doors to the rooms are only unlocked at the times you specify on the request form. If the space is available, the DLRC will send you an agreement form which requires an account number and a signature from a faculty or a permanent staff member (click here to view a copy of this agreement). Upon approval of the agreement form, the DLRC will sign off and return a copy to you for your records.

Some things to note from the guidelines for all spaces:

  • All trash goes into the trash cans and should be monitored so that they do not overflow.
  • All furniture must be placed back to the original configuration. Room layouts are available on the area description links below.
  • All tables, counters, chairs, etc. are cleaned immediately after your event and ready for the next group.
  • FOR RESEARCH LABS (128 and 104) - you must meet with the lab manager two weeks in advance of your event.
  • FOR EVENTS - all after hours (5:00pm-7:00am) events will be required to pay for security personnel - 1 for every 50 people.
  • DLR 134A (the small conference room East of the Atrium) cannot be used as a caterer prep area. There is a kitchenette at the Northwest end of the building for that purpose.
  • Even though we have a signed agreement form, there may be instances where your reservation will be cancelled. We will give you as much notice as possible, were this to happen.

For a description of each area, click on the links below:

Please click on the thumbnail below for the information or form that you need.

Research Project Guidelines
(PDF version)
Room Request
(Online form)
Research Project Agreement
(PDF version)
Video Conferencing/
Laptop Request

(Online form)
research guidelines research request research agreement video conferencing/laptop request


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