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The Discovery Learning Research Center (DLRC) is housed on the first two floors of the Hall for Discovery and Learning Research (DLR) in specialized facilities that are designed for educational research, development of materials, methods and instructional technologies, and interdisciplinary collaboration on scholarly projects addressing education-related topics. The space devoted to the DLRC is divided into three learning studios, a science laboratory, a project laboratory, a media design laboratory, collaborative group work educational space (the "atrium"), shared desk area for project personnel, office and desk areas for DLRC staff, and conference rooms. The goal for the use of any DLRC space is to further the mission of the DLRC through work on projects that will lead to innovations in teaching and learning that can be applied to improving educational practice. If you are familiar with our spaces, click on the appropriate link to the right to request space (please reread the use guidelines before submitting the form as they are updated periodically).

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DLRC Project Space
Projects within the facility explore novel technologies and pedagogies designed to enhance learning at all levels. Researchers are able to reconfigure rooms to include learning pods of various sizes, experiment with novel technologies, adjust breakout spaces, vary seating arrangements, and even alter acoustics or lighting. In the future, all learning and teaching spaces in the DLRC will be equipped to record video and sound to allow detailed investigations within each teaching environment, including areas beyond the classrooms. The DLRC also includes adaptable, open office space that allows for greater flexibility in meeting the needs of each project from inception to completion.

Ideal Projects for Center Use
The experimental learning environments are flexible, creative, state-of-the-art spaces designed to meet the instructional needs of multidisciplinary initiatives. Typical DLRC projects will be 3-5 years in duration with 2-4 years of experimentation. It is estimated that 9 research projects will actively utilize the research laboratory spaces in a given semester. Individual projects may vary, with some using the Center's experimental space for an intensive study over a short time, (i.e., eight hours a day for two weeks) while others may use a more traditional class approach that meets three times per week for a semester. Depending on the nature of the study and the number of different studies running concurrently, learning spaces may need to be reconfigured daily, weekly, or once a semester.


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