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The Discovery Learning Research Center offers a non-intrusive Tobii Technology TX300 eye tracking device that is available to researchers through a recharge center. The eye tracking device provides information about the location, sequence, and duration of a participant’s gaze fixations on stimuli displayed on a computer monitor screen. The Tobii TX300 is capable of measuring gaze location without contact with the participant allowing subjects freedom of head movement. The TX300 is equipped with Tobii Studio 3.2 software which accommodates various multimedia stimuli including images, text, videos, and web pages. The software package provides comprehensive data visualization, statistical metric calculation, and data export features.

Using the DLRC Eye Tracker

Training is required prior to use of the eye tracker. A nominal training fee will be charged. Training is requested via an online form.

Users and principle investigators must sign an agreement accepting DLRC policies and financial responsibility.

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Printable Access Information (PDF)
Use Agreement (PDF)
New Coral User Registration
Request Training
Resources for Users
Specifications (PDF)

Reservations are made via the Coral software: To use Coral, an account must be requested and a valid Purdue account number provided. A PI must request an account for a student.

The eye tracker is available M-F 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM for use in the DLR building. Reservation requests are limited to 10 hours per week per project. Longer reservation requests can be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Experimental design, implementation, and appropriate IRB are solely the responsibility of the principle investigator and users. Appropriate IRB needs to be secured before bringing in test subjects.

Beginning Sept. 2, 2014 through July 1, 2015 an hourly fee of $25/hour will be assessed for using the eye tracker. The user rate will be reevaluated yearly.

Steps to Access the Eye Tracker

  1. Read user agreement
  2. Request Coral account (if you do not already have one)
  3. Request training
  4. Download, print, and sign user agreement
  5. Attend training and submit signed user agreement
  6. Schedule a reservation using Coral account and software
  7. During your reserved time, check out the eye tracker room key from the DLRC secretary (DLR 203)

For more information contact:
Debora Steffen

For Coral help contact:


* Photo from Tobii Technology, Inc.


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