Discovery Learning Research Center

Discovery Learning Internal Advisory Committee 2009-2010

Gary Bertoline 
Collete of Technology Administration

Sean Brophy 
Department of Engineering Education

John Campbell 
Rosen Center for Advanced Computing

Brenda Capobianco 
Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Natalie Carroll 
Department of Youth Development and Agricultural Education

Monica Cox 
Department of Engineering Education

Chris Foster 
Discovery Park Administration

Jon Harbor 
Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences and Purdue Global Sustainability Initiative

Jennifer Hicks 
K-12 Science Program

Jeff Karpicke 
Department of Psychological Sciences

Richard Kuhn 
Department of Biological Sciences and Bindley Bioscience Center

Jim Lehman 
Collete of Education Administration

Nancy Pelaez 
Department of Biological Sciences

Mary Sadowski 
College of Technology Administration

Kathy Salisbury 
School of Veterinary Medicine Administration

John Staver 
Departments of Curriculum and Instruction and Chemistry, Center for Research and Engagement in Science and Mathematics Education

Ruth Streveler 
Department of Engineering Education

Howard Sypher 
Department of Communication

Dale Whittaker 
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering


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