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2011 I-Cubed WorkshopResearch Goes to School is a multi-faceted program that ...

  • delivers the underlying science of nanotechnology into high school science, technology, and math classrooms
  • is composed of attending a two-week intensive summer workshop for in-service and pre-service teachers, leading professional development at the home school, participating in monthly supportive webinars and a social networking site, and attending virtual field trips that provide ongoing support for educators
  • is developing a best-practice model for delivering a variety of grand challenge research topics into high school classrooms

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                   Research Goes to School Bus


News to Use


Research Goes to School: "Nanotechnology: The BIG Ideas Behind TINY Matter"


  • Applications for year five are now being accepted from teachers in grades 9-12.
  • Application deadline is February 28, 2015.
  • For application information, click here.


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