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The Research Goes to School Program is a five-year program funded by the National Science Foundation. Each year-long cycle includes the participation of in-service teachers with Noyce Scholars and Woodrow Wilson Fellows (Stem Goes Rural students) at a two-week summer workshop to provide education about advanced research in areas such as nanotechnology. In addition, the in-service teachers will provide leadership in HASTI and NSTA presentations, participate in two-way webinars and social networking sites to support fellow teachers, and share scientific content with students from scientists at Purdue via Virtual Field Trips. Six (6) in-service teachers will be selected to participate in year four.

As an application of this new model of learning, we are teaching educators about cutting edge research on nanotechnology. This science is revolutionizing the world in which our students live. It is imperative that we help them make the connection between the science they study in school and the tools and electronics all around them. "Nanotechnology: The BIG Ideas Behind TINY Matter" is designed to help teachers make those connections for students. Ultimately, we hope to spark interest in STEM fields by sharing numerous grand-challenge topics with prospective college students, especially in rural settings.

Please note that collected information will comprise data for our research project to examine the effectiveness of the program model in delivering and integrating STEM research topics into high school science classrooms.

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