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Join us this summer for a two-week intensive session devoted to the underlying ideas of nanotechnology using Problem-based Learning techniques. Stipends of $200 per day, travel allotment, meals, housing, and 3 graduate credits in the College of Education are all provided.

Summer session dates are tentatively June 8-19th. We'll begin Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. Accommodations check-in begins Monday morning and continues throughout the day on June 8th. Check-in for the second week begins Monday morning June 15th. The second week will end Friday, June 19th at 2:00 p.m.

In the 2015-2016 school year, teacher participants in Research Goes to School will provide leadership for their departments or schools by delivering professional development sessions on Problem-based Learning and Nanotechnology.

On-going support will be provided through monthly webinars where teachers can share ideas, experiences and actual lesson plans. Twice during the academic year, fall and spring semesters, a Virtual Field Trip will be available for your students. They will interact in real-time with one of the scientists from the summer workshop. We will also provide a hub site where all workshop information and resources will be housed, including recorded copies of Virtual Field Trips.

Surveys, focus groups, and questionnaires will be used throughout the year to help us develop the best-practice model for delivering grand challenge research topics into high school classrooms.

Partner with us to make a difference!

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Your teacher is interested in participating in the Research Goes to School Program offered by Purdue University. Selected Participants will become Teacher-Leaders at your school.  The expectation is that Participants will share the scientific and pedagogical learning from the summer workshop with other teachers in your school. In addition, the lesson(s) developed during the summer and its effectiveness will also be shared. Should your teacher be selected as a Participant in the summer workshop, he/she MUST be willing to become a Teacher-Leader and research participant.

This is a five-year program funded by the National Science Foundation. In Year Five, we are focusing on the science of nanotechnology. Research Goes to School is designed to help teachers make important connections for students between the tools and electronics around them, and the science taught in your school. Ultimately, we hope to spark interest in STEM fields by sharing numerous grand-challenge topics with prospective college students.

Prior to your teacher(s) being selected, a visit will be scheduled with you, the teacher(s), and Purdue personnel to outline the research components of the project so that all are appropriately informed. Deadline for submission of Applications is February 28, 2015.

If you have questions, please contact us at or (765) 494-4555 or (765) 494-2424.


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