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Mission: Vision:
Catalyze interdisciplinary interactions that transcend academic boundaries of faculty, staff, and students toward discovery with engagement and learning.
Manifest a preeminent model for interdisciplinary endeavors that lead science, address the global society’s grand challenges, and improve quality of life.

Transforming the 21st Century University

Graham Cooks“We must serve as a hub for global innovation and global collaboration. We have the opportunity as never before to link business enterprises to a worldwide network of strategic partners and to ensure our students have global credentials.” 
Purdue President France A. Córdova

Right: Purdue President France A. Córdova planted a tree on Nov. 4, 2008 with Narayana Murthy (shaking hand), founder and chief mentor of Infosys Technologies, a software development and engineering firm in Bangalore, India. The tree planting ceremony is reserved for the company's most respected guests. Members of theInfosys and Purdue team (P. Sharma and P. Balasubramanium) surround Córdova and Murthy.

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Discovery Park has created a number of partnerships with institutions and companies around the world. By leveraging these unique opportunities, research and innovation is not only accelerated but magnified. Follow the link below to learn more about the partnerships that Discovery Park has made internationally.

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The international efforts at Discovery Park are enabling Purdue's achievements and global recognition for research and education. Our execution strategy involves developing interdisciplinary partnerships in addressing global grand challenges.

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