Workshop Focusing on Global Policies for Infrasructure Monitoring and Management: A Paradigm Shift in Lifecycle Costs and Optimization of Resources


Thursday, August 16

8:00 AM Breakfast (Bagels and coffee available)
8:30 AM

Opening remarks

8:40 AM
Keynote speech 1 (Prof. Christian Boller)
9:20 AM
Keynote speech 2 (Prof. Hui Li)
10:00 AM
Keynote speech 3 (Prof. Hideo Utsuno)
10:40 AM Break Bowen laboratory, Purdue
11:00 AM

Open space technology introduction

Solicitation for discussion topics

11:45 AM

Breakout sessions
Floating lunch (12:15 PM – 13:30 PM)

17:00 PM Lab tour (Bowen laboratory)
18:00 PM Reconvene and reflect on workshop discussions
16:00 PM Discussion 2
19:00 PM Dinner McGraw’s Steak Chop & Fish House


Thursday, August 17

8:00 AM Breakfast (Bagels and coffee available)
8:30 AM

Reconvene and reset the agenda
Review workshop goals and desired outcomes

Bowen laboratory, Purdue
8:30 AM

Breakout sessions

10:30 AM Workshop summary session
11:00 AM Lab tour (Kepner laboratory) - optional Kepner laboratory
12:30 AM
Box lunch available