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Dr. Gregory Shaver
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School of Mechanical Engineering
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Examples of Current Research Projects

Enabling Plug-In Capability for Heavy-Duty Vehicle via Advanced Power Electronics.

  • Converter topologies compared via simulation: full-bridge isolated converter with active clamp chosen (fig.1)

    Fig.1 Full-bridge isolated converter with clamp
  • Transformet & inductor designed (fig.2)

    Fig.2 3D FEA of transformer
  • Prototype being built to establish performance (fig.3)

    Fig.3 Photo of transformer

Asymmetric Salient PMSM for Traction Applications


Improve constant power speed range performance magnet machines for traction applications


Asymmetric salient permanene magnet synchronous machine

Preliminary Results:

For the same reguirements, the proposed machine yields a 17% cost reduction


Future Work

Apply to Heavy Hybrid Vehicle Application

3-D FEA Validation

Thermal Modeling

investigate Pole Tepering

Advaced High Efficiency Hydraulic Hybrid Powertrain Architectures and Controls


Combating perception that hydraulics are old fashioned

Addressing noise issues


Novel "blended" hydraulic hybrid transmission (fig.1) & controls, with experimental validation (fig.2)

Fig.1 Novel architectures
Fig.2 Hardware in the loop transmission testing

Future Work:

Develop high fidelity simulation models of both conventional and hybrid transmissions

Use dynamic programming for control to determine full potential of strategies

Develop & experimentally demonsrtrate various power management strategies

Industry partners and students can contact Professor Greg Shaver (gshaver@purdue.edu) to get more information about how to get involved in H3CoE projects and activities.


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