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Dr. Gregory Shaver
Associate Professor
School of Mechanical Engineering
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Graduate students

Fellowships: This project provides 8 H3CoE Research Fellowships, and industry-driven/funded research projects, to create H3CoE student research opportunities focused on solving challenges, and enabling opportunities, unique to medium/heavy-duty hybrid vehicles – with examples including:
  • Pareto-optimal design of electric machinery for medium/heavy-duty hybrids
  • High density power electronics for medium/heavy-duty hybrids
  • Diesel engine and after treatment optimization for medium/heavy-duty hybrids
  • Design and control of hydrostatic and power-split based hydraulic hybrids

H3CoE fellows will present posters during twice per year poster show, and will work with faculty to deliver a yearly Medium/Heavy-Duty Hybrids Workshop. These H3CoE Fellows will also give monthly update presentations to all H3CoE students and faculty. In addition, H3CoE fellows will be required to complete at least one internship experience at one of the partner companies. Ultimately, H3CoE industrial partners will enable a direct route for graduates of the H3CoE to find employment to further translate the impact of their research contributions.

Certificate  programs: Engineering graduate students have an opportunity to earn a Hybrid Vehicle Systems Certificate. See link for more.

Current GATE Fellows

Name Major Professor Academic Area Project Title
Michael Sprengel Monika Ivantysynova ABE Advanced High Efficiency Hydraulic Hybrid Power Train Architectures and Controls
Paul Kalbfleisch Monika Ivantysynova ABE Investigation of Noise Reduction of Pumps and Motors Through Computational design optimization
Dan Horvath Steve Pekarek ECE Brushless Claw Pole Machines for Generation and Actuation
Jamal Alsawalhi Scott Sudhoff ECE Rotationally Asymmetric Switched Reluctance Motor Drives for Heavy Hybrids
Sahankh Ravi Dionysios Aliprantis ECE Optimal Design of Astmmetric Switched Reluctance Motor Drives for Heavy Hybrids
Jagdish Hiremath Peter Meckl ME Control of Urea Injection in Selective Catalytic Reduction for a Diesel-Electric Hybrid Vehicle
Ashish Vora Greg Shaver ME Model-Bsaed Heavy Hybrid Vehicle Design Optimization and Control
Xing Jin Greg Shaver ME Model-Bsaed Heavy Hybrid Vehicle Design Optimization and Control
Minyu Cai Oleg Wasnyczuk ECE Enabling Plug-In Capability and Engine Opt. for a HD Hybrid Vehicle System via Adv. Power Electronics


Want to know more about our certificate program? Then, attend our call-out.

When: 5:30pm, 09/20/16

Where: ME building, room 1006