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Hybrid Vehicle Systems Certificate

Administered by the School of Mechanical Engineering – Purdue University


The Hybrid Vehicle Systems (HVS) Certificate is available to graduate students in the Schools of Mechanical, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering.  The HVS Certificate requires 9 hours of graduate level coursework along with attendance/passing at one HVS workshop or poster show.  Below are the eligibility requirements and steps to apply for the HVS Certificate Program.

  1. Any degree seeking graduate student in good standing (cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher) in one of the Purdue Schools of Engineering listed above, on West Lafayette campus only, may be considered for admission to the HVS Certificate program.
  2. Purdue students initially apply to the program by submitting the Preliminary Application Form (Click here to download) to the HVS Certificate Program (the ME Graduate Office). The student’s major professor’s signature is required on the application form.
  3. The preliminary application form will be reviewed and if approved, the student will be advised to complete the Purdue Graduate School application specifically for the Hybrid Vehicle Systems certificate program. The Graduate School application will require payment of the application fee. This fee is currently $60 for domestic student and $75 for international students.
  4. The HVS Certificate program requires completion of 9 hours of graduate level coursework selected from the approved course list. The courses must be completed with a grade. The approved course list and requirements are on the HVS Certificate Program – Worksheet (Click here to download).
  5. In addition to the coursework, the certificate requires attendance/passing at one HVS workshop or poster show.
  6. A minimum GPA of 3.0 must be maintained for all graded courses applied to the certificate. Grades of B- or below are not allowed.
  7. Courses from another institution and undergraduate level courses may not be applied to the HVS certificate.
  8. Course credits used to satisfy requirements for the HVS certificate may also be used on the MS or PhD plan of study.
  9. Students may apply up to 9 graduate level (Purdue graded) hours, completed before admission, to the certificate program, so long as those courses appear on the HVS certificate program list.
  10. Students must notify the ME Graduate Office before the last semester of completion of the required courses. Since there is no formal Graduate School plan of study, students must monitor their progress in the program and ask to be placed on the candidate list in the semester for which they believe they will finish the program requirements.


Want to know more about our certificate program? Then, attend our call-out.

When: 5:30pm, 09/25/14

Where: ME building, room 2054