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The Hoosier Heavy Hybrid Center of Excellence (H3CoE) is a five-year funded project by the Department of Energy (DOE) Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) program.  The objective of this center is to comprehensively train, educate, and equip the next generation of research scientists and engineers to address technical challenges (and respond to opportunities) unique to medium/heavy-duty hybrid vehicles - which to date have prevented the deployment of cost effective, highly efficiency commercial vehicles for the U.S. and global markets.

The project, which falls under the umbrella of the Purdue Energy Center Advanced Ground Vehicle Power and Energy Storage initiatives, seeks to help identify technology pathways for a 50 percent reduction in commercial vehicle fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The five-year project began Oct. 1, 2011.

The H3CoE has developed, and is currently running, two new programs at Purdue, including the Hybrid Vehicle Systems (HVS) Certificate, and GATE Fellowship programs.


Hybrid Vehicle Systems Certificate 

The Hybrid Vehicle Systems (HVS) Certificate is available to graduate students in good standing in the Schools of Mechanical, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering. The certificate program is focused on providing students a framework for gaining relevant expertise in the area of advanced hybrid vehicle systems. The HVS Certificate requires 9 hours of graduate level coursework along with attendance/passing at one HVS workshop or poster show.  A full description of the eligibility requirements and steps to apply for the HVS Certificate Program can be found here.


H3CoE Fellowships

Through a combination of funding from DOE, Purdue, and industry partners, the H3CoE pairs faculty-advised graduate students with industry partners on industry-driven projects focused on solving challenges unique to medium/heavy-duty hybrid vehicles.  For more information about current project, click here. 

Hoosier Heavy Hybrid Center of Excellence (H3CoE) Lecture Poster Session-November 21, 2014


Want to know more about our certificate program? Then, attend our call-out.

When: 5:30pm, 09/20/16

Where: ME building, room 1006

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