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GK-12 in China:
Five GK-12 fellows and five
GK-12 middle school teachers
will spend a week working on
science inquiry with the
Jiangsu Institute of Education
and a local K-12 school. Each
fellow will undertake
collaborative research in a
Chinese university for at
least 2 weeks. Check out
blogs written by a teacher
and a staff member and read
a short synopsis of the trip.

This web site received the
NSF GK-12 Web Site
Award for Promoting and
Disseminating GK-12

at its annual meeting in
Washington, D.C. in
March 2008.


Riskowski, J., & Todd, C. D. (2008, June). Water You Thinking about Water? An Engineering Project to Enhance Student Understanding of Drinking Water and Water Resources. Poster presented at the CIRTL Forum 2008: Aligning the Preparation of Graduate Students for STEM Early Faculty Careers, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI.

Bennett, D. E., & Dyehouse, M. A. (2007, January). The Indiana Interdisciplinary GK-12 Project: Bringing authentic problem-solving in STEM to rural middle schools. Poster presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, HI.


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