Center for Global Food Security

Global Food & Nutrition Security Seminar - Student Organizations

November 10 @ 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM - Deans Auditorium (PFEN 241)

Purdue Student Organizations in Food Security

Thursday, November 10, 2016
12:00 - 1:15 PM, Deans Auditorium (PFEN 241)

Swipe Out Starvation

“Fighting Hunger: What Difference Does It Make?”
Presented by: Drake Krohn

What efforts are being taken on Purdue's campus to fight hunger and food sustainability? There are many research-related programs, but what additional efforts are Purdue students making for those in need? This presentation is an introduction to Swipe Out Starvation, a student organization on campus striving to end hunger through education and empowerment of students in the residence halls.

Ace Food Pantry

“Overview of Ace Campus Food Pantry”
Presented by: Jessica Peine and Lauren Hibbler

This presentation will share the story of how the pantry was formed, the layout of the organization, stakeholders and users of the pantry, the need of a pantry on our campus, along with how we spread word of the pantry. We will also discuss the impact the pantry has on the campus, along with some challenges the pantry has faced and still faces.

Internationally Connected in Agriculture’s Future

“ICA Future: Bridging Gaps for the Future”
Presented by: Jesse Bohlin

From its beginning in 2014, ICA Future has continuously worked to be an inclusive environment where international and domestic students within the College of Agriculture could come together to build relationships and learn about cultures other than their own. In an increasingly globalized world, ICA Future recognizes the importance of students learning to work among cultural differences and embrace the differences of others within personal and professional relationships. From hot pot nights to pumpkin carving, the students in this organization have found not only an organization but a family at Purdue.

The seminar is open to the public. This is part of a weekly seminar on Food Security, where invited speakers from Purdue and outside the university help elevate the dialogue on the availability, access, and use of food in our world. Please do come and engage in dialogue with students and our expert speakers.   

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