Center for Global Food Security

PCGFS Panel - Nutritional Labeling: Domestic and Abroad

April 14 @ 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM - Deans Auditorium, Pfendler Hall

The Purdue Center for Global Food Security has organized a panel of Purdue Faculty on Tuesday, April 14that 6:30 P.M. titled  “Nutritional Labeling: Domestic and Abroad.” The event will consist of an introduction, three mini-lectures, and a question and answer session to engage with the audience in the Deans Auditorium (Room 241) in Pfendler Hall. Pizza and soft drinks will be provided at the event.

Our student organization partners are International Connections in Agriculture’s (ICA) Future, Human and Environmental Rights Organization (HERO), Swipe out Starvation, and Purdue Lectures in Ethics, Policy, and Science.


Heather Eicher-Miller
Assistant Professor of Nutrition Science

The research in Dr. Eicher-Miller's laboratory is focused on identifying health and nutrition disparities among food-insecure and low-resource populations to inform interventions that will improve food insecurity and health in these populations. Large, complex, representative datasets such as the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey are valuable for discovering associations of diet to health and to determining dietary patterns of intake representative of specified US populations. Community based studies are undertaken to investigate the effects of nutrition education, program, and policy interventions on food security, diet, and overall health. Engaging with communities in participatory research can inform the translation of discovery to maximize intervention impacts.


Lala Acharya
Assistant Professor of Consumer Science

Dr. Acharya's research focuses on communication campaigns, behavior change and consumer participation. He studies and evaluates the meanings behind the design, construction and implementation of different health, nutrition and other communication campaigns specifically in vulnerable and marginalized communities. His research investigates and analyzes the lack of community voices, lack of community participation and the absence of cultural and contextual understandings in the myriad communication interventions that result in marginalization, vulnerabilities and creation of health disparities and inequities. Dr. Acharya's uses this knowledge to develop more efficient communication campaign models/ frameworks which are participatory, culture centered and aim towards a sustainable behavior change.

Patricia Boling
Associate Professor of Political Science

Dr. Boling teaches political science at Purdue. She received her PhD in political science from the University of California Berkeley. Her research focuses on critical approaches to public policy. She has a book that compares work-family policies in Japan, France, Germany and the US coming out from Cambridge University Press this month, and is currently working on a study that compares food and agriculture policies in the US and France. She is also working on a study of Farm to School policies in Indiana and across the whole United States with a team of graduate and undergraduate students. She teaches food policy, women and the law, social policy, family policy, and feminist theory at Purdue.

Dennis Savaiano
Virginia Claypool Meredith Professor of Nutrition Policy, Department of Nutrition Science
Director of the North Central Nutrition Education Center of Excellence

Dr. Savaiano oversees the north central research portfolio of projects aimed at improving the effectiveness of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP Ed). Professor Savaiano continues to work to evaluate the effectiveness of Indiana SNAP Ed programs and develop more effective assessment tools. He has published on school community interventions focused on improving the diets of youth (particularly young women) and has led/developed many of the successful Purdue Extension efforts focused around health as dean of Purdue's School of Consumer and Family Sciences for 15 years.

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