Center for the Environment

From the Director

Leigh Raymond

Welcome to Purdue’s Center for the Environment! The C4E, as we refer to it, is a major home of interdisciplinary, problem-driven research and teaching at Purdue focused on some of the world’s largest environmental problems. C4E faculty are currently working on problems ranging from eliminating hazardous electronic waste, to reducing nutrient runoff in farm systems, to understanding the fate and transport of new chemicals in our soil and water, to understanding and addressing threats to soundscapes—acoustic resources that are an important part of many ecosystems. In all of our work, we emphasize both the human elements of environmental challenges and solutions as well as their ecological and technical aspects. The center also helps our faculty partner with community stakeholders of all types—industry, government, local communities—to increase the relevance and impact of our work whenever possible.

On our web site, you will see the diverse range of research and other activities center faculty, students, staff and partners are involved with. See an issue that you think deserves more attention, or something you’d like to help out with? I’d love to hear your input about new directions or opportunities for the center that are consistent with our mission of helping to solve major environmental challenges. Send me a note at

The Gerald D. and Edna E. Mann Hall, home to the Center for the Environment's administrative offices.