Center for the Environment

C4E Strategic Vision

In 2013, the center invited faculty and students to participate in an inclusive discussion to update and revise the center’s strategic vision and mission. After more than 8 months of work, including two large meetings and multiple smaller working group discussions, the new Center for the Environment strategic vision was completed. The center will use this vision to guide its activities and priorities in the next 5 years, and to communicate the community’s research, teaching, and engagement priorities to interested audiences inside and outside Purdue.

Building on Purdue’s existing and emerging strengths, the C4E will focus on supporting efforts to address three overlapping aspects of the environmental challenges facing the world today: challenges to ecosystem functioning, environmental challenges to community health and well-being, and environmental decision-making and behavior. By emphasizing the deep connection between human society and the ecosystems that support us, the center seeks more promising solutions to environmental challenges than those that focus exclusively on technical or scientific fixes, or on social, political, or economic considerations in isolation. Download a copy of the 2014 C4E Strategic Vision.

The Gerald D. and Edna E. Mann Hall, home to the Center for the Environment's administrative offices.