Life Sciences Business Plan Competition

7th Purdue University Life Sciences Business Plan Competition

November 10, 2011

First Prize - $50,000


Contact Information

Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship

1201 West State Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057


Deliverables: Executive Summary


Executive Summary (Title page plus 3 page maximum, minimum 10 point font)

  • Describe the product/technology of the company
  • Describe the specific need that the product/technology will fulfill in the market
  • Describe the target customer group and general market size
  • Explain how the product/technology is innovative and unique and has a competitive advantage over currently available technologies
  • Describe the intellectual property (IP) protection strategy
  • Discuss estimated revenues and net income over the next three years and the estimated time to commercialization/profitability
  • Describe future funding requirements
  • Describe the management team composition and experience

Deliverables: Business Plan

Business Plan (Title page, completion of this form plus 30 pages maximum, minimum 10 point font)

Business Overview

  • Company description and underlying business model
  • Vision
  • Value proposition
  • Technical status and challenges ahead
  • Current firm status
  • Investment requirement and projected return
  • Current or committed funding and all funding sources

The Market Opportunity

  • Why is it such a great idea? Define the problem
  • Competitive analysis (how is the problem not being solved by competitors)

The Market Solution

  • The product or service idea
  • Description of a working model or prototype, if appropriate
  • How will you fulfill the market opportunity?
  • The ability to create barriers to competitor entry or easy duplication


The Market

  • Identification of customer(s)
  • Discussion of channels for adoption or distribution
  • Market size, analysis, and forecast
  • Industry analysis and forecast including competing products or companies


Technical / Intellectual property analysis

  • Outline the technical steps necessary for commercialization
  • What is the length of time?
  • Is commercialization dependent on outside contingencies?
  • What types of regulatory approval processes must be navigated?
  • What are the risks of significant delay or failure?
  • Intellectual property ownership


Management Team

  • Founders and key management
  • Industry experience and education
  • Board of Advisors, both technical and management


Financial Analysis

  • Outline overall financial model with detailed projections through Year 5 including pro forma cash flow and budget analysis
  • Other analysis, as appropriate (net present value, break even analysis)
  • Discuss assumptions and capital requirements
  • Future funding requests

Deliverables: Final Presentation

Final presentations will be up to 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of questions to presenters by the judges. The presentation will overview the company's business plan. Time limits will be strictly observed and approximately 5 minutes will be allowed between presentations for set-up and takedown of presentation media and materials. Once a participant has finished their presentation, they may watch other presentations.

Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship
1201 West State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2057 | | Phone: 765.494.1335