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2009-2010 KCI Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy

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Gert Breur (email)

Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Conduct a study to determine factors causing delays in pre-clinical research projects at Purdue University. Based upon collected information, strategies will be developed and implemented to shorten the clinical research cycle. The report findings and recommendations will be distributed at Purdue.

James C. Clemens (email)

Develop inhibitors and agonists for a novel programmed cell death regulatory pathway to treat human cancer and neurodegenerative diseases associated with aging and serve as the basis for the development of an intellectual property portfolio or the foundation of a new Research Park start-up company.

Laurent L. Couetil (email)

Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Develop a new interdisciplinary graduate program focused on animal models for translational research. Draft a core curriculum, graduate student manual, and dissemination plans. Seek approval from faculty, department, and school.

Joe Garner (email)

ELA Scholar, Animal Sciences
Continue patent work with Purdue Research Foundation and work to finalize license agreements for Telos Discovery Systems. Work to develop funding proposals and to finalize and test production prototypes.

Albena Ivanisevic (email)

Biomedical Engineering
Hold a series of faculty meetings for those interested in the development of a Materials Research Center. These meetings will be used to develop a pre-proposal for the National Science Foundation. Work to develop an effective proposal that can be submitted by the end of summer 2010.

Sophie A. Lelievre (email)

Basic Medical Sciences
Planning an international symposium in fall 2010 on "Breast Cancer Prevention: Nutrition, Communication and Public Policy. The symposium will be a tool for the development of an international collaborative program to: identify the impact of nutrition on breast cancer development and recurrence; elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms, including genomics (genetic and epigenetic influence) involved in dietary compound-induced breast tissue alterations and cancer development; develop strategies to diminish breast cancer incidence and/or incidence of aggressive forms of breast cancer based on epidemiological and biological findings related to nutrition; and inform the public and health authorities about the findings and influence public policy.

Amy Lossie (email)

Animal Sciences
Conduct research on nonprofit organizations that disseminate scholarly resources to developing countries; contact organizations which might be interested in the dissemination of scholarly resources; identify a pilot target program for dissemination; identify strategies to implement such a program.

Sorin A. Matei (email)

Create a 2d code enhanced demonstration book that reflects how print content can be linked to web based media (audio and visual clips, maps, charts, graphs). Use this demonstration book to invite collaborations and solicit funds for continued research and development, and negotiations with potential partners.

Rodolfo Pinal (email)

Industrial and Physical Pharmacy
Develop methods to create awareness about a technology, "Crystalline Suspensions" that will promote the usage of this technology to improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs.

Brian Rutherford (email)

Consumer Sciences and Retailing
Conduct a research survey to gain a better understanding of new organization and small business sales issues. Based upon this information, a training program to aid these organizations will be developed.

Michael Suckow (email)

Aviation Technology
Create an aviation systems research laboratory that has the infrastructure to capture, store, and display aviation data, including expertise to utilize this data in innovative ways. Create a white paper about how to utilize this resource to build interdisciplinary research communities for large-scale grant opportunities.

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