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Entrepreneurial Ambassadors

December 21, 2012

Entrepreneurial Ambassadors

The Entrepreneurial Ambassadors are a group of faculty whose mission is to serve as a first line of assistance to faculty and students interested in entrepreneurship. They will help to spread the word about entrepreneurial educational programs, funding, and competitions which occur on the Purdue campus. These faculty are chosen from a variety of department and units on campus. Our goal with this program is to raise the faculty awareness of the resources available to assist in entrepreneurial efforts. If you are interested in becoming a liaison or connecting with one of the ambassadors, please contact Jessica Huber at jhuber@purdue.edu.


  • Lonnie Bentley, Professor of Computer and Information Technology, 765-494-4545, bentleyl@purdue.edu
  • Kevin Hannon, Associate Professor of Basic Medical Sciences, 765-494-5949, hannonk@purdue.edu
  • William Hutzel, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology, 765-494-7528, hutzelw@purdue.edu
  • Joseph Irudayaraj, Professor of Biological Engineering, 765-494-0388, josephi@purdue.edu
  • Steve Wereley, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 765-494-5624, wereley@purdue.edu
  • Catherine Hill, Associate Professor of Entomology, 765-496-6157, hillca@purdue.edu
  • Justin Seipel, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 765-494-3376, jseipel@purdue.edu
  • Fred Regnier, J.H. Law Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, 765-494-3878, fregnier@purdue.edu
  • Joe Pekny, Professor of Chemical Engineering, 765-494-7901, pekny@purdue.edu
  • Paul Robinson, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, SVM Professor of Cytomics, and Professor of Immunopharmacology, 765-494-0757, jpr@flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu
  • Rodolfo Pinal, Associate Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, 765-496-6247, rpinal@purdue.edu
  • Alyssa Panitch, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, 765-496-1313, apanitch@purdue.edu
  • Karthik Ramani, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, 765-494-5725, ramani@purdue.edu
  • Dino Felluga, Associate Professor of English, 765-494-3770, felluga@purdue.edu
  • Sherry Harbin, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, 765-496-6128, harbins@purdue.edu


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