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The Kauffman Campuses Initiative

The Kauffman Campuses initiative aims to transform the way colleges and universities prepare students for success in the American economy by creating a culture of entrepreneurship throughout the university. The program was launched in December 2003, when eight universities were awarded up to $5 million each to make entrepreneurship education available across their campuses, enabling any student, regardless of field of study, to access entrepreneurial training. In December 2006 $19.5 million was awarded across a second set of universities, including Purdue University, to make entrepreneurship a pan-campus experience.

Kauffman Campuses expand entrepreneurship beyond the traditional domain of the business school to offer an astonishing variety of programs aimed at instilling the spirit and skills of entrepreneurial studies into college life. Some campuses have chosen to create minor degree programs, offer introductory courses for incoming freshmen, expand the role of technology transfer, or build or expand community-based businesses that benefit students and surrounding communities. Some are broadening existing entrepreneurial activities on liberal arts campuses as well as on technology-oriented campuses. Others are focused on developing Hispanic-American entrepreneurship, African-American entrepreneurship, and cross-cultural business creation. All involve faculty and students from a variety of academic disciplines.

Purdue University's Kauffman Campus Initiative

Purdue University has seven focal program elements for its Kauffman Campuses Initiative:

1) Entrepreneurial Awareness Program that will involve all of campus:

The Entrepreneurial Awareness Program is designed to create an awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship in today's economy for our 70,000 students statewide. The Entrepreneurial Awareness Program offers special events and activities to increase campus awareness about the significance of entrepreneurial ideas and ventures. Every event is publicized through campus, local and regional print and broadcast media, and student group announcements, Web sites, and the Internet. Stories which highlight faculty and student successes and Purdue's entrepreneurship programs are marketed to media, and draw attention to Purdue's role as a Kauffman Campus.

2) The Entrepreneurial Technical Assistance Program (ETAP) to provide practical experience to students and faculty:

The Entrepreneurial Technical Assistance Program (ETAP) uses a competitive process to select students. In some cases, teams of two or three students may be used. ETAP identifies projects, select mentors, set up payments for students and mentors, collect project summaries, and provide reports on program activities and impacts. ETAP projects develop from opportunities in small companies, commercialization opportunities, or from Purdue's Office of Technology Commercialization.

3) Global entrepreneurship education and experiential learning programs:

Purdue is making a strong push to encourage students to study abroad and is developing a global network of entrepreneurship education and experiential learning opportunities. These range from study abroad programs with a global entrepreneurship curriculum, to on-campus coursework which culminates in an overseas entrepreneurship-related trip, to internship opportunities with entrepreneurs or start-ups in foreign countries.

4) "From Bench to Business and Back" Program that connects research to commercialization:

This program provides students with a dual perspective on how researchers perceive the marketplace and how the needs of the marketplace can shape research. Students have the opportunity to do market research in the "game changing" areas of scientific inquiry and to develop detailed technology roadmaps of product impact. The name "From Bench to Business and Back" has been chosen to signify an opportunity to develop a complementary approach to university-based entrepreneurship.

5) Multidisciplinary Best Practices Workshops for Kauffman Campuses:

Periodically, Purdue will sponsor a workshop among the Kauffman Campuses on best practices in university-based entrepreneurship. The workshop will showcase what works best, discuss what needs to be improved, and formulate models to further national university based entrepreneurship.

6) Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy to engage and network faculty and students:

The Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy comprises ten selected Purdue faculty members who meet monthly in a series of faculty workshops, lunches, dinners, and meetings. The purpose of the Academy is to develop an entrepreneurship community among faculty for purposes of networking, brainstorming and discussing Purdue entrepreneurial curricula and activities. On the basis of Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy activities, one Academy member is designated as the Kauffman Entrepreneurial Faculty Scholar and given financial support to work on Discovery Park and Purdue-wide entrepreneurship interests.

7) Strategic Working Group Initiative Program to steward and assess Purdue's Overall Kauffman Campus Initiative:

The Strategic Working Group shapes projects, communication, and marketing of the programs in Purdue's Kauffman Campuses Initiative. The Strategic Working Group does this by identifying synergy within programs as programs are developed, refined, and executed. The group also oversees performance assessment of programs.

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